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Airport Security Checks
Airport security has been tightened dramatically as a result of the terrorist attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001. This has obvious ramifications for travelers. Get to the airport two or three hours earlier than normal. You can expect security clearance to take an unprecedented amount of time.Take nothing with you on your person or in carryon bags that has sharp edges or could be construed to be a weapon. This includes pocketknives, corkscrews, dinner and carving knives, forks, screwdrivers, pointed pliers, letter openers, scissors and similar items. After highjackers used box cutters as weapons, the FAA has issued guidelines that will be interpreted strictly by airport security workers. All suspect items will be confiscated so if they are necessary to your trip either pack them in luggage that is being checked or send them to your destination in advance.

Plan ahead. Pack your laptop with security and boarding gate checks in mind. Use an easily accessible inner or outer compartment of one of your carry-ons so that your laptop can be easily removed and restowed at the security checkpoint. Also make sure to use a carry-on that won't be deemed too big at the boarding gate - or be prepared to quickly remove your laptop and stow it in a smaller case if it is.

In preparation for airport security checks, use the "suspend" mode (Windows) as an alternative to making sure your battery has enough power to boot up. Activate the suspend mode the last time you use your laptop before going to the airport. It will restart quickly and consume almost no battery power, leaving the maximum battery charge if you want to work during the flight. (for Mac users, it is the "sleep" mode)When you go through airport security, you may be asked to turn your laptop on. Make sure your battery has enough power left to avoid delays. The process may also be sped up by booting from a floppy diskette.X-ray machines at airports are not a threat to your laptop's hard-drive or floppy disks. However, the security checkpoint conveyer belt is a target for thieves who watch for unattended equipment passing through the x-ray machines. As a result you may want to have a security guard hand check your machine rather than putting it through the conveyer.

Hotel Room Security
If you're feeling insecure about leaving your notebook computer in the hotel room. leave it stowed in your room but take the removable disk drive with your when you leave.

Disguise Your Laptop
To help safeguard against theft, disguise your computer while traveling. Trade in the traditional computer case for a less conspicuous bag such as a Crumpler Case.


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