Nauticus Protects Laptop User Data  

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Tugboat Enterprises Ltd has launched its latest product Nauticus to protect laptop owners in case of theft of laptop computers and notebooks. The launch comes hot on the heels of a report released January 27 by security giant Symantec that the average business computer holds information worth about $1 million, that most corporate executives do not have a proper back up system in place, and that about 50 percent of companies experienced theft of a laptop or mobile data device in 2005 alone.

“While it’s true that our off-site data storage product Nauticus can and is sold to desktop and network users,” said Tugboat CEO Judi Tyabji Wilson, “we have discovered through the sale of our successful data rescue program Lifeboat that laptops users are the most vulnerable to loss of data.”

Nauticus is an affordable automated on-line, off-site back up system that stores user data in secure facilities with built-in redundancy. At about $10 per month for the average user, its price and ease of use make it a prime choice for computer users who want to safeguard important information, whether email info, photographs, documents, or spreadsheets. The privacy laws of Canada provide excellent protection of corporate documents in this off-site storage system.

Market research conducted by Tugboat Enterprises is consistent with Symantec’s results, and Tugboat believes Nauticus will be particularly popular amongst large global businesses and government agencies. “These are the two groups with the most to lose when data is stolen, or lost due to software malfunction.” Tyabji Wilson added. “It is unfortunate that so many CEOs and government department heads don’t insist that proper off-site backup is done and data recovery software is available. Some take the attitude that it won’t happen to me, and when it does they have little or no recourse.”


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