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If you are a computer user, whether a moderate or a frequent user, it is evident that you use some sound system with your PC and as such it is often seen that there is some problems with the sound that you must deal with. Some of the common sound problems encountered by PC users include when sound can be heard coming out of only one speaker or when you need help because the volume control of your speaker is not functioning. 

For the first problem, it is imperative you pinpoint exactly what is causing the problem – whether the sound card or the speaker cable or the speakers themselves. To tackle with the first type of problem, check if the cables that connect your sound card to the speakers are firmly in place and ensure that the sound balance setting of your speakers is neither to extreme right nor to extreme left but in the middle position. If you are still having sound problems then to find out if your speakers are faulty and need repairing, connect them with a separate sound source and check the quality of sound output. Now what can you do if you cannot control the volume of your speakers? 

The basic reason why this happens is that either you have forgotten to insert batteries or you have overlooked connecting the speakers to an external source of power. Taking care of these mistakes can fix the sound problem of your PC. However if your sound problem is centered on why you cannot see the red light on your speakers after you have turned them on, then be assured that it is only a power issue taking care of which your problem also gets solved.


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