Maintaining the battery  

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Li-Ion batteries, are the mostly used technology nowadays.This type of battery cam be found on most laptops and netbooks as their main advantage is their ability to pack up a large amount of energy in a small volume. These batteries come along with many other advantages that in a way justify their cost prohibitive cost. Some of them are listed below: * Secure compared to the first versions of lithium batteries (covered with plastric) * Self-discharge (when not in use it will naturally be discharged) * Require less maintanance. * The physical properties of lithium ensures a good energy/ volume ratio. These advantages come along with several drawbacks: * Slow to charge up. * Very expensive. * Low resistance to high temperature * Batteries wear out over time. * Deterioration occurs when the battery discharge below 10%

How to make a good use of your battery
Changing your battery will cost a lot of money....So if you have one that is still in good state and working properly or if it is imperative for you to buy a new one ,here are some tips, on how increasing its lifespan and make an optimal use. Before getting started, here's are some technical terms, you better get used to before going any further. The battery voltage measured in Volts (V) As for the amount of electricity, it is measured in Ampere/hours (Ah) or milliamp-hours (mAh) The efficiency of a battery can be determined through this equation: Voltage (V) x amount of electricity (Ah) = Energy (Wh)

Points to consider
* Never exceed the discharge current specified by the manufacturer. * Don't to use your battery to power other machines. * Perform Calibration, minimum 2 times a month: this process is to "reframe" your battery. Perform it a maximum discharge level (not below 10%) , it must then be fully recharged without interruption (OS in standby mode). * When you buy a battery, the first thing to check is (after its power in W) , the date of manufacture (don't forget that your battery deteriorates with time)... * You should never buy cheap batteries, such as the ones imported directly from China, they are quite unsafe. * Don't fall below 10% of charge. Normally your OS, directly put the computer to sleep mode when only 15% remain in charge. You can really lose 20% of the efficiency of your battery. * Take care battery charger: its not just a simple power cord , you will spare some battery use while using it(on one end it charge up your battery and on the other it power up your laptop.

Things to avoid
*Unplug the power cord of a laptop when it is off, to avoid micro-charge of the battery. *Never try repairing a battery by opening it. You can get injured (burned) or seriously become intoxicated. *Rechargeable batteries, lead acid batteries & lithium are harmful to health and to the environment So they should never be thrown away. They must be completely recycled.


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