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was introduced officially at PDC earlier this week and the people who attended the event could have a disc of Pre-Beta Windows 7 Ultimate each. Many articles and news about Windows 7 have come up so far, but seeing a practical example of Windows 7 Ultimate in action will be pretty nice.

One of the critical situations that we would like to try Windows Operating systems and (surely to get good respond) is Netbook laptops. Netbooks are not multi-tasking machines because of their weak CPUs, limited RAM maximum up to 1GB and short storages, and that is why they have lots of limitations to run operating systems. So far, XP and Linux have been able to run on Netbooks well, but Vista is a heavy OS and needs more RAM and enough storage which are not available on Netbooks. Thus, it is not a proper option.

What about Windows 7 running on Netbooks? If windows 7 can be run on Netbooks well it will be a key of success for Microsoft in its battle with Linux. You know that Netbooks are becoming as popular and vital as desktop computers for individuals and its market is in great growth. So, It is a good chance for Linux-based Companies to make different sorts of Linux OS more popular and natural among ordinary people.

Laptop Magazine could install its Pre-Beta Windows 7 Ultimate on 10-inches Asus Eee PC 1000H (featuring 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor and 1GB of RAM) to test this OS briefly and comparing it with Vista .

The notable results that were observed after installing Windows 7 include:

- The OS with no applications only occupied 485MB out of 1GB RAM! So, it shows that MS has focused on this big problem of Vista and has tried to amend it on Windows 7

- The Windows 7’s Network Manager works very well on Netbooks unlike the one existed on Vista

- The boot time was only 58 seconds which is not so much far from the 40 seconds boot time delivering by default operating system on Eee PC 1000H.

- Every thing looks nice and resembles Vista

- Video playback on was smooth but downloading a 720p high-definition video played back faces many pauses and interruptions.

- The Windows Experience Index score was 2.3 that is lower that the score (2.7) was got from the same system running Vista! (The higher score show that your computer performs better and faster)

Of course we need to see more tests being carried out to get exact conclusion whether Windows 7 can be another OS option for Netbooks. For sure, I would cover more stories related to Winodows 7 when they happen.


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