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In Internet, you cannot find too many websites and blogs about laptop. However, the number of laptop users is increasing rapidly. After doing some search in Internet, I have compiled here a list 111 tips from different websites and blogs on laptop. I have just stated the title of a tip or have given first few words (in the absence of a title) of the tips from the articles used here. So, if you want to know about the tips in details, you should follow the links and visit the websites and blogs.
These tips are really useful and they have come often from the experts. So, if you are a laptop user or if you are thinking of buying a laptop then I would recommend you to spend some hours of your life and read all the tips in detail.

1- 8 tips from Lifehacker :
1. Extend your battery life
2. Save your keyboard and screen
3. Keep it cool
4. Work offline
5. Secure your data
6. Carry it well
7. Back up when you get home
8. Pack some helpful extras

2- Top 10 Cold Weather Tips for Laptops from Mobile Office Tech of :
9. Ruggedized Laptops
10. Careful Storage
11. Let It Warm Up
12. Incorrect Warming Methods
13. Laptop Warmers
14. Excessive Heat Build-Up
15. Protecting Your Display
16. Stay Out of the Cold
17. Change Power Settings
18. Don't Get Creative

3- Top 8 Airline Travel Tips When Traveling with Your Laptop from Mobile Office Tech of :
19. Carry your Laptop or Pack It Away?
20. Visual Inspection (Hand checking)
21. Should You X-Ray Your Laptop?
22. Carry Proper Documents
23. Keep a Low Profile
24. Don't Let Your Laptop Out of Sight
25. Fact or Fiction - The Airport Laptop Scam
26. Keep Your Laptop Case Locked

4- 3 Laptop Tips from overclockers
27. Always try to fork out the extra dough for an extended warrantee
28. Buy a laptop cooler (This is especially true for those with the desktop replacement types.)
29. Get some sort of padded carrying pack for the laptop.

5- 19 Laptop Tips from 5starsupport :
30. Make sure that you always use a surge protector
31. Don't get into a habit of leaving your laptop on the floor
32. Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
33. Never keep your paperwork between the screen and keypad
34. Avoid placing your laptop on soft surfaces
35. be sure to purchase a good quality carrying case for your laptop's protection
36. Never drink liquids when working with your laptop
37. Never work on your own laptop unless you are a qualified professional

Laptop travel tips:
38. Make sure that you are familiar with your laptop before you depart on a trip
39. Carry your laptop in a bag designed for laptop computers
40. In hotel rooms, many of the devices (alarm clock, hair drier, television etc.) contain magnets that can damage your data
41. Use extra caution when drinking anything near your laptop computer
42. Never check your laptop computer as luggage on an airline, bus, etc
43. The x-ray machines at the airports will not damage your computer or your media
44. On long trans-Pacific flights, ask to be seated at an emergency exit because there is a 110 Volt/AC outlet right in front of each exit door in the outside wall of Boeing 747s where you can plug in
45. If you use a PC card modem, (1) always carry one as a spare even if your laptop has an internal modem, and (2) either use one with an X-jack connector or bring an extra dongle
46. Take your purchase receipt along if you're traveling to a foreign country
47. Make sure you know the power type and the plug type requirements for the country you are traveling to
48. Charge all your batteries before you leave on a trip

6- 9 Laptop battery tips for power users from HowToBuyALaptop :

49. Save battery power by minimizing use of the CD drive, and particularly the DVD drive
50. Turn the monitor down to lowest brightness level, and turn off screensavers
51. Turn off the Wireless port when you're not using wireless connectivity
52. Remove all PC cards from their slots when not in use
53. Use your laptop's built-in power management system and select low-power mode
54. Carry a spare battery and keep it charged overnight
55. Preserve battery life by allowing your battery to fully drain before you recharge it
56. Suspend' rather than reboot if you're only taking a short break
57. Take advantage of drive time by recharging your laptop battery in your car

7- 15 Laptop computer security advice from HowToBuyALaptop :
58. Make a note of your laptop's serial number and store it in a safe place.
59. Use Robo Form to store your passwords securely.
60. Keep your laptop well away from magnetic sources like television sets.
61. Backup your work every day when you're on the road.
62. Backup to floppy disk or CD and keep separate from laptop equipment.
63. Consider buying (or upgrading to) Windows XP Professional, which has built-in data encryption.
64. Use a security cable lock (fits into the laptop's keyhole) and fix it to something sturdy and immovable anytime you're not with your laptop.
65. If you have to sleep somewhere public like an airport lounge then secure your laptop to your seat via your security cable before you nod off.
66. Use the secure cable lock around your home and office too.
67. Pack your laptop into a sports bag or ordinary briefcase, instead of the standard laptop case.
68. Exercise extreme caution in the security section at airports, where many laptops get stolen.
69. Don't carry your laptop through the "human" metal detector as these can damage computer data.
70. Stay in physical contact with your laptop at all times, particularly in crowded places.
71. When you're not in your hotel room, ask to have your laptop locked in the hotel's safe.
72. Never leave a laptop / case on view in a locked car.

8- 9 Laptop Tips from 714 Laptop :
73. Thermal dissipation - Laptop cooling
74. Battery charge - Laptop autonomy
75. Security - Laptop tracking
76. Viruses
77. Windows Updates
78. Carrying
79. Shocks
80. Humidity
81. Dust

9- 9 Laptop Repair Tips from laptopmedic :
82. Do Not Download FREE Software / Music.
83. Always keep Laptops off floor.
84. Always use a surge protector.
85. Don't keep paper work in between screen and keypad.
86. Never leave your laptop in a cold environment.
87. Don't place your laptop on soft surfaces.
88. Don't drop it while your carrying it.
89. Never drink coffee or any liquid around your laptop.
90. Lastly never try to fix your laptop yourself.

10- 5 Tips to buy laptop from Tips To Buy Laptop/ Tips Membeli Laptop :

91. Portability
92. Expense
93. Speed
94. Upgradeability
95. Serious Gaming

11- 16 laptop Tips to protect your health from working-well :
96. Attach an external mouse and keyboard whenever possible.
97. Keep the keyboard and mouse at the edge of the worksurface that is set 1" below or equal to your sitting elbow height.
98. Move the laptop close enough so you do not hold your head forward to see what is on the screen.
99. Raise the laptop so the top of the screen is at your straight-ahead vision.
100. Sit back in the chair and keep your head directly over your shoulders.
101. Do not lean on the worksurface while typing; keep your elbows in line with your shoulders, hanging loosely at your sides.
102. Never drop your wrists on the "wristrest" of the laptop.
103. Use keyboard commands whenever possible.
104. Avoid reflective lighting.
105. Keep screen clean at all times.

When traveling (with a laptop):

106. Refrain from packing non-essential items or extra gadgets.
107. Avoid working on the hotel bed or at a high table.
108. Use a small pillow to support your lower back in the car/on the plane.
109. Carry the laptop in a backpack instead of a shoulder or handbag.
110. If you must use the laptop without external devices and monitor stand, it is best used in your lap (as it was designed!) or on a worksurface no higher than 27".
111. Support your feet with a portable footrest.

If you feel that I have mistakenly used your material without giving proper links, please let me know in the comment section and I will acknowledge it right away.


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