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Even though laptops are meant to travel, we all know they spend 95% of their life perched on a desk just like a normal desktop computer. The only problem is, this is bad for the battery.

New Lithium-ion batteries need to be re-calibrated once every few months to ensure they stay fully charged. Often all you have to do is completely run down the battery and then re-charge it to breath new life into that tired old battery.

Would you also like to have a better way to determine exactly how much life your battery has remaining? A much better program for this than the standard Windows battery indicator can be found in the Google Desktop Sidebar plugin Performance Power Monitor.

First, download and install the wickedly cool Desktop Sidebar, then install the power monitor plugin. Keep in mind that this plugin take a little time to learn about your battery, so you’re going to have to run your laptop on battery power a few times before it is totally accurate. But it shows the amount of battery capacity and time remaining as well as the current load the laptop is drawing from the battery.

Once you’ve done all that, peruse the other sidebar plugins, and let me know if you think there’s one I should really check out!


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