Refurbished Laptop Computer Batteries - Risks  

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Some laptop computer batteries dealers offer a refurbished laptop battery claiming they are restored to original specs. “Caveat Emptor”, buyer beware. Most are cheap and won’t hold the charge for very long. You might get lucky and get a good one, but the life of the battery is in jeopardy.

Why take the risk? New laptop batteries are not that much more in price and they are going to last a much longer time. If you buy a refurbished laptop battery it may only hold a good charge for a couple of months and once it’s dead, it’s dead!

Many people trust buying refurbished laptops and computers because the replacement parts are new and can make it last an extended amount of time. The laptop battery is different. Think back to when Dick Clark was selling the battery re-charger for regular AA, C, D and AAA batteries? If you bought one you quickly found that the charger worked great. One bad thing- the battery only held about half the original charge and you could only charge it a few times and then the battery wouldn’t charge at all anymore.

opening laoptop battery

If you take the same concept with refurbished laptop computer batteries you get the same results. They will last for a short time and most people only saved a few extra dollars, but were not happy with the overall performance. The technology just doesn’t exist yet to supply a good refurbished battery. In the case of refurbished laptops, we have figured out that you can replace the hardware and it works as good as new. Sorry, but a laptop battery doesn’t have hardware parts to replace, so the end result could be bad.

laptop battery inside

If the laptop battery isn’t too old it should work just fine, but how many dealers tell you the age of the battery? Not many. If you want to save a few dollars then please buy a better MPG car, not a refurbished laptop battery. A lot of the time you don’t know exactly what you’re getting like how many times has it been charged previously, or how old is it. If you know the answers you probably can get a decent deal, but good luck finding out the answers.

Although a great way to save money it to buy refurbished electronics because they have replaceable parts, the technology to recondition batteries isn’t quite up to the same speed. The good news is most new laptop computer batteries have a one year warranty and a discount price. You are much better off buying a new laptop battery.


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