The Beauty of Internet, Sex Advice Column  

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If you have question about your sexual life you can ask them and they will help you to solve your sexual problems, you can interact with the article writer by leaving a comment or interact with other reader from the forums, or maybe you want to be a hot guys you can get the tips from here too.

You know what? I was not going alone to get assistance from the sex advice column. Instead of that, I persuaded my partner to go with me to find the most appropriate and also the bet way to help her have better understanding of our sexual relationship. And, she agreed.

They also give tips about relation advice, this advice can help you to keep your spouse happy, for more information about sexual life, tips and trick about sex or solve your sexual problem you can visit this site now, and you can share to your friends about this site maybe they need it.

They also have several polls about sex and you can read the result of other voter, interesting isn’t?

What makes Toshiba laptops good  

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Toshiba laptops have a well-deserved reputation for being some of the best laptops in the world. But what makes them so good?

Well, first of all, Toshiba laptops are very sturdily built. If you drop one, it won’t usually break, nor will they break through normal wear and tear like cheap Dells can – Toshibas don’t get cracked cases and have keys fall off the keyboard, and if they ever did then Toshiba would fix it very quickly. This high build quality is important to people who will have their laptop for a long time, as well as people who travel around a lot with their laptops and so need to take them as luggage on planes.

Secondly, Toshiba laptops are very light. Again, this is important to travellers, but it is also important to people who are just using their laptop normally, carrying it from home to their office or simply perching it on their lap at home. Heavy laptops can be a real pain, making it feel like an effort to pick up the computer and quickly check or alter something, while light ones are far more practical.

However, as with other Japanese-made laptops, this extra sturdiness and ultra-light weight comes with a price. Toshiba laptops can be up to 50% more expensive than the cheapest models on the market with the same processor, RAM and so on, simply due to the cost of the better build quality and having to pay Japanese workers’ salaries. Computing tends to be a race to the bottom, with the cheapest computers gaining the largest market share, which leaves Toshiba courting the more computer-savvy buyers who really need a high-quality laptop for their work. If you do rely on your laptop for anything, though, you would do well to see the extra cost as an investment and consider getting a Toshiba, or a similar high-quality laptop.

Repair Pal  

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Need a car repair? Now it's easier to find the best repair shops in your area. And you don't even have to leave the comforts of your home.

All you have to do is log on to and use their search engine to find the nearest Auto repair shops. Other than that, RepairPal also gives you independent and unbiased Car repair estimates, user ratings and reviews, plus expert advice you can't get anywhere else.

And if you want to keep all your repair records in one place, just register at the website for FREE. They also have this very useful Auto Repair Encyclopedia where you can find answers to basic questions pertaining to cars.

Panasonic Upgrades Toughbook CF-52, CF-74 with Centrino 2  

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Panasonic has announced recently upgrades to its semi-rugged Toughbook CF-52 15.4-inch laptop and 13.3-inch Toughbook CF-74 ultraportable.

“Both the Toughbook CF-52 and Toughbook CF-74 now incorporate the new Intel Centrino 2 processor technology. In addition, video and graphics capabilities have been significantly enhanced, hard drive capacity has been increased to 160GB, and Wi-Fi performance expanded to include 802.11 Draft N,” the press release says.

The Toughbook CF-52 and CF-74 incorporate optional embedded access to mobile broadband networks from major wireless carriers. These drop- and spill-resistant laptops also include magnesium alloy cases, flexible internal connectors, shock-mounted hard drives and LCDs, spill-resistant keyboards, and carrying handles.

Panasonic’s Toughbook CF-52 will be available In August in two configurations, value (estimated street price of $1,949) or premium for improved video and system performance (estimated street price of $2,849). The Toughbook CF-74 will be also available in August starting at an estimated street price of $3,199.

On-line Marketplace Angel Investor or Venture Capital  

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I would like to get funds from angel investors to create a doggie day camp and holistic dog healing center. And now that we’ve stayed in a yurt in a campground, I would love to find people who would like to fund my dream. Perhaps there are others out there who have similar dreams and we can pool our resources.

Perhaps you are looking for funding for your pet related business and are seeking an angel investor or venture capital… sometimes people max out their credit cards, get business loans from the Small Biz Administration or ask friends and family to help them out.

You can be tough to start up a business.

Asus Eee PC 1000HD Announced  

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Asustek has added the Asus Eee PC 1000HD model to its low-cost ultraportable notebook lineup.

The 3.2-pound Eee PC 1000HD has a 10-inch display, the Intel Celeron “Dothan” 353 processor at 900MHz, a traditional HDD with 80GB capacity, 1GB or 2GB of DDR2 memory, a 6-cell battery for “up to 5 hours” of battery life, and Windows XP Home or Linux OS.

The netbook also sports an 802.11n wireless module, 1.3-magapixel web camera, and stereo speakers. It comes in black or white colors.

Other specifications should be the same as in the recently announced 1000H model. The difference between 1000H and 1000HD is that the first model is based on Intel Atom CPU, while the second uses the older Celeron 535.

Currently, there is no information on pricing and availability of the Asus Eee PC 1000HD.

Media sales jobs  

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If you are searching for a job, here is the right place where you can end up with. Its the great offer for people who are especially job seekers, to get benefited to the maximum by means of this site.

You can get the job through mail and your work is to upload your resume and you can view the latest 388 media sales jobs in this site which benefits the job seekers to great extent.

Media Week Jobs is the site which offers jobs board from the UK’s leading media magazine. It offers the possibility of searching hundreds of media sales vacancies across the country.

If you are in search for Media Sales Jobs in London , here is the best place where you can see various jobs in several sectors, location and discipline.

Also viewing the site in detail about the Media sales jobs and Jobs in advertising will answer all the queries which will be running in your mind.

So people don't waste your time by reading this, just go ahead with the site and if still you are not satisfied with the informations provided, has the answers for all.

Refurbished Laptop Computer Batteries - Risks  

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Some laptop computer batteries dealers offer a refurbished laptop battery claiming they are restored to original specs. “Caveat Emptor”, buyer beware. Most are cheap and won’t hold the charge for very long. You might get lucky and get a good one, but the life of the battery is in jeopardy.

Why take the risk? New laptop batteries are not that much more in price and they are going to last a much longer time. If you buy a refurbished laptop battery it may only hold a good charge for a couple of months and once it’s dead, it’s dead!

Many people trust buying refurbished laptops and computers because the replacement parts are new and can make it last an extended amount of time. The laptop battery is different. Think back to when Dick Clark was selling the battery re-charger for regular AA, C, D and AAA batteries? If you bought one you quickly found that the charger worked great. One bad thing- the battery only held about half the original charge and you could only charge it a few times and then the battery wouldn’t charge at all anymore.

opening laoptop battery

If you take the same concept with refurbished laptop computer batteries you get the same results. They will last for a short time and most people only saved a few extra dollars, but were not happy with the overall performance. The technology just doesn’t exist yet to supply a good refurbished battery. In the case of refurbished laptops, we have figured out that you can replace the hardware and it works as good as new. Sorry, but a laptop battery doesn’t have hardware parts to replace, so the end result could be bad.

laptop battery inside

If the laptop battery isn’t too old it should work just fine, but how many dealers tell you the age of the battery? Not many. If you want to save a few dollars then please buy a better MPG car, not a refurbished laptop battery. A lot of the time you don’t know exactly what you’re getting like how many times has it been charged previously, or how old is it. If you know the answers you probably can get a decent deal, but good luck finding out the answers.

Although a great way to save money it to buy refurbished electronics because they have replaceable parts, the technology to recondition batteries isn’t quite up to the same speed. The good news is most new laptop computer batteries have a one year warranty and a discount price. You are much better off buying a new laptop battery.

How Bluetooth Works  

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Bluetooth has quickly become one of the most revolutionary advances in technology in recent years and it continues to improve as more and more people use it on a daily basis. Although widely used, many people still don’t understand what it does and how it works.

The advantage of Bluetooth is that it operates in the license free 2.4 GHz frequency band which gives it worldwide availability and compatibility. The only problem with this is that there are other devices that also use the same frequency band such as security devices, other wireless devices, and other noise sources.

To overcome this problem, Bluetooth uses a fast frequency hopping scheme so that it can use shorter packets than other devices that operate in the same frequency band. This helps to reduce the interference from other devices and allows Bluetooth communication to be more robust and secure.


Frequency hopping works by jumping from frequency to frequency within the same radio band. After a Bluetooth device sends or receives a packet to another device they will both change to another frequency before the next packet is sent. So each time a Bluetooth device communicates with another device they will be using a different frequency.

This means that Bluetooth devices will only transmit from a fixed frequency for a short period of time so that it can use all of the available radio band and conform to the restrictions on the transmission quantity per frequency. Because the frequency band is constantly changing it ensures that any interference will only be temporary and it helps to improve security as other devices will find it hard to predict which frequency band will be used next.

When two or more Bluetooth devices communicate with each other they use a master and slave system and an algorithm that uses device specific information so that each device will know which frequency will be used next. The Bluetooth device that operates in master mode will send its own unique address and the value of its own internal clock to as many as seven other devices that operate in slave mode so that each device can calculate the frequency hop sequences.

Because most Bluetooth devices are battery powered they have been designed to conserve energy and operate at low power levels so that they can be used for as long as possible. This is why most Bluetooth devices have a range of between 5 and 10 meters which is far enough for wireless communication but close enough to avoid using too much power.

CompuTalk - Web Development & Computer Forums  

Posted by Laptop Tips is Computer forum for webmaster , web development and all people who interest computer have large number of members means that there is lots to talk about. With this forum You can talk about everything you want.

You can talk about: General Computing: Talk about computers that don't fit into any other categories, The Internet: Talk about the internet, best ISPs and your views, Software:Talk about the latest computer programs here, Computer Hardware: Talk about computer hardware here. Motherboards, CPUs, RAM and more, and all about computer

Hurry join to computer forum and web development forum

Choosing the right laptop screen size  

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Are you sick of viewing everything on that small screen that your current notebook comes with? Do you want your next laptop to have screen size that you are more comfortable with? Well read on.

In this article we will take a look at all the common screen sizes found on the many various laptops currently in existence, as well as which ones may be best for you and why.

Does your current notebook feel like it is five inches too small? Well it actually may be – Here are the most common laptop display sizes (in inches):

10.4 10.6 11.3 12.1 13.0 13.3 14.1 15.0 15.2 15.4 15.7 16.0 16.1 17.1

You may be wondering exactly how a screens size is determined. This is done by measuring diagonally across the screen. Many people think it is done by measuring horizontally or vertically –- This is false.

So what should you be looking at for your next laptop when it comes to screen size? I wouldn’t go any lower than 15.0 inches. In fact most people say that going any lower than 15.0 inches is too uncomfortable. Fortunately pretty much every new notebook being produced has a bare minimum of 15 inches for the screen size.

With this in mind, you basically have the choice of 15 inches all the way to 17 inches! What are the differences between the two, other than size? Well, some people say that a 17.1” screen makes the laptop a little too heavy for their liking. If weight is a big issue with you, you may want to go for a smaller screen.

There must be an advantage with the bigger screen then, right? Of course… You get a bigger viewing area, and most likely a better viewing experience. This is an even bigger issue if you play games, watch DVD’s, or are a general multimedia user when it comes to your laptop.

There aren’t a whole lot of notebooks currently being produced with 17” screens, but there are a few like the toshiba satellite P35 laptop. Simply looking at the specs of any given notebook can quickly tell you whether the screen size will suit you or not.

By taking the time to recognize your needs when it comes to a laptop screen size, you can enjoy your next laptop and leave the hassle with your old one.

Dell Studio 15 Overview  

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Dell unveiled today the Studio 15, a new 15.4-inch consumer laptop with a variety of personalization options.

The Dell Studio 15 is based on Intel’s Centrino mobile technology including 965GM/PM chipsets and Core 2 Duo processors. The new laptop supports up to 4GB of system memory and comes with up to 320GB of hard drive space and a slot-load DVD burner or Blu-Ray Combo. Notebook’s 15.4″ glossy widescreen display features three resolution options: 1280×800, 1440×900 with LED backlight, and 1920×1200. The screen is managed by Intel’s integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 or an ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3450 256MB dedicated video card.

Dell’s latest laptop sports a 2-megapixel web camera, fingerprint reader, and HDMI port. There are also wireless modules with support for 802.11b/g and optionally 802.11 draft-n standard, Bluetooth and various mobile broadband options, Gigabit Ethernet LAN, 4 USB ports, an ExpressCard slot, 8-in-1 media card reader, Firewire, and VGA output.

The newly designed Studio starts at 6.11-pounds. It has an optional backlit keyboard and comes in seven different colors, as well as in four gray designs.

The Dell Studio 15 runs Windows Vista operating system. The PC maker says the notebook also includes the Dell Dock, “a task-based application organizer that places the most frequently accessed programs front and center”, and Dell Video Chat software for video and voice communication.

The Studio 15 is available now. The basic configuration costs $799.

Asus Eee PC 901  

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Asustek unveiled today the Asus Eee PC 901, an updated version of its Eee PC 900 low-cost 8.9-inch mini-notebook, at the 2008 Computex expo in Taipei.

Unlike the Eee 900 with an older Intel Celeron processor, the 2.42-pound Eee PC 901 comes with an Intel Atom CPU. The ultraportable features a 12GB solid state drive with Windows XP Home preinstalled, or a 20GB SSD with Linux OS. The 901 has 1GB of RAM, 802.11n wireless module, Bluetooth, and a built-in 1.3-megapixel web camera. Asustek claims that the laptop provides a battery life of up to 7.8 hours.

The Eee PC 901 is priced at around $559 in Taiwan, according to Engadget. Currently, there is no official information on its availability and pricing in the United States. According to a post at Liliputing, the launch date for the US market is July 8th.

Tips for buying Toshiba laptops  

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There are many Toshiba laptop reviews on the internet today, however, none of them address the all encompassing question of how exactly do you choose a Toshiba Laptop? The problem with any Toshiba laptop review is that it is looking at a particular Toshiba laptop such as the Toshiba satellite out of context of the rest of the models.

As such, many Toshiba laptops reviews have looked at a laptop in it’s own merits without ever having the opportunity to try other models in the range which may be better. First of all, a laptop is a very personal purchase. People have different needs, and what is good for some will not be good for others. I have seen in more than one Toshiba laptop review mentioning that one laptop is the ‘best’ of the range/series/brand.

Such claims are false and cannot ever be substantiated. A few years ago I bought a three thousand dollar laptop with all the bells and whistlers, yet after two months I realized it wasn’t what I wanted – way to big, battery life was way too short, and I just couldn’t be bothered using it for its intended purpose so I bought a new one for half the price. It was so much better, not because of its specs on paper, and not because of what some reviewer had wrote about it, but because it was what I needed. So instead of listening to what is said in a Toshiba Laptop review, listen to yourself for once! Just remember this, laptops are different than desktops.

For most people they have been told for years whenever you are buying a new computer, get the best so it is “future proof”. I don’t believe this is the case and so differ from most Toshiba laptop reviews. It is not about how good it is on paper, it is what it does for you. As most people know, Toshiba has been making quality notebooks/ laptops for many years and this will continue, but rest assured that if you are buying one now, it will last you quite a few years. Technology is not moving as fast as you think it is.

By all means read a Toshiba Laptop review, be educated, but don’t rely on what someone else says in choosing one model against another. Toshiba Laptop Reviews can only tell you so much, more important is your needs, your intuition and your idea of quality (which Toshiba is renowned for). Jane has written for many tech blogs for the last 5 years, writing about computers, technology and reviewing a range of IT and tech products.

100 Dollars Laptop  

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NEW YORK — The government of Libya has reached an agreement with an American nonprofit group to provide inexpensive laptop computers for all of the nation’s 1.2 million schoolchildren, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

With the project scheduled to be completed by June 2008, Libya could become the first nation in which all school-age children are connected to the Internet through educational computers, Nicholas Negroponte, chairman of the One Laptop per Child project, told the newspaper.

The $250 million deal, reached Tuesday, would provide the nation with 1.2 million computers, a server in each school, a team of technical advisers, satellite internet service and other infrastructure.

The One Laptop per Child project, which has the support of the United Nations Development Program, aims to provide laptops to school-aged children worldwide — for about $100 each. It has reached tentative purchase agreements with Argentina, Brazil, Nigeria and Thailand.

Negroponte, a computer researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said he had met with Moammar Gadhafi and the project appealed to the Libyan leader’s political agenda of creating a more open Libya and becoming an African leader.

The two men discussed the possibility that Libya would also pay for laptops for poorer African nations like Chad, Niger and Rwanda, said Negroponte, who is the brother of U.S. National Intelligence Director John Negroponte.

Gadhafi surprised the world in late 2003 when he swore off terrorism and announced plans to dismantle his country’s weapons of mass destruction programs. Libya was eager to end the international isolation and economic hardships from United Nations and U.S. sanctions. The U.S. has since opened an embassy in Tripoli.

A telephone call to that capital seeking comment from Libyan government spokesman Hassan al-Shawish went unanswered Wednesday.

Test models of the computers will be distributed to the participating countries in November, and mass production is expected to begin by July 2007, Negroponte said. They are to be produced by Taiwanese computer maker Quanta Computer Inc.

The machines are to be equipped with hand cranks or foot pedals, so that children can use them when electricity is too costly or not available.

Expected to initially cost $150 and then be reduced in price, they will have wireless network access and run on an open-source operating system, such as Linux.

The project was inspired by Negroponte’s experience giving Internet-connected laptops to children in Cambodia. He said the first English word spoken by those children was “Google.”

Top 15 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life  

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1. Defrag regularly - The faster your hard drive does its work - less demand you are going to put on the hard drive and your battery. Make your hard drive as efficient as possible by defragging it regularly. (but not while it’s on battery of course!) Mac OSX is better built to handle fragmentation so it may not be very applicable for Apple systems.

2. Dim your screen - Most laptops come with the ability to dim your laptop screen. Some even come with ways to modify CPU and cooling performance. Cut them down to the lowest level you can tolerate to squeeze out some extra battery juice.

3. Cut down on programs running in the background. Itunes, Desktop Search, etc. All these add to the CPU load and cut down battery life. Shut down everything that isn’t crucial when you’re on battery.

4. Cut down external devices - USB devices (including your mouse) & WiFi drain down your laptop battery. Remove or shut them down when not in use. It goes without saying that charging other devices (like your iPod) with your laptop when on battery is a surefire way of quickly wiping out the charge on your laptop battery.

5. Add more RAM - This will allow you to process more with the memory your laptop has, rather than relying on virtual memory. Virtual memory results in hard drive use, and is much less power efficient. Note that adding more RAM will consume more energy, so this is most applicable if you do need to run memory intensive programs which actually require heavy usage of virtual memory.

6. Run off a hard drive rather than CD/DVD - As power consuming as hard drives are, CD and DVD drives are worse. Even having one in the drive can be power consuming. They spin, taking power, even when they?re not actively being used. Wherever possible, try to run on virtual drives using programs like Alcohol 120% rather than optical ones.

7. Keep the battery contacts clean: Clean your battery’s metal contacts every couple of months with a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol. This keeps the transfer of power from your battery more efficient.

8. Take care of your battery - Exercise the Battery. Do not leave a charged battery dormant for long periods of time. Once charged, you should at least use the battery at least once every two to three weeks. Also, do not let a Li-On battery completely discharge. (Discharing is only for older batteries with memory effects)

9. Hibernate not standby - Although placing a laptop in standby mode saves some power and you can instantly resume where you left off, it doesn’t save anywhere as much power as the hibernate function does. Hibernating a PC will actually save your PC’s state as it is, and completely shut itself down.

10. Keep operating temperature down - Your laptop operates more efficiently when it’s cooler. Clean out your air vents with a cloth or keyboard cleaner, or refer to some extra tips by

11. Set up and optimize your power options - Go to ‘Power Options’ in your windows control panel and set it up so that power usage is optimized (Select the ‘max battery’ for maximum effect).

12. Don’t multitask - Do one thing at a time when you’re on battery. Rather than working on a spreadsheet, letting your email client run in the background and listening to your latest set of MP3’s, set your mind to one thing only. If you don’t you’ll only drain out your batteries before anything gets completed!

13. Go easy on the PC demands - The more you demand from your PC. Passive activities like email and word processing consume much less power than gaming or playing a DVD. If you’ve got a single battery charge - pick your priorities wisely.

14. Get yourself a more efficient laptop - Laptops are getting more and more efficient in nature to the point where some manufacturers are talking about all day long batteries. Picking up a newer more efficient laptop to replace an aging one is usually a quick fix.

15. Prevent the Memory Effect - If you’re using a very old laptop, you’ll want to prevent the ‘memory effect’ - Keep the battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion batteries (which most laptops have) which do not suffer from the memory effect.

Bonus Tip #1: Turn off the autosave function. MS-Word’s and Excel’s autosave functions are great but because they keep saving regular intervals, they work your hard driver harder than it may have to. If you plan to do this, you may want to turn it back on as the battery runs low. While it saves battery life in the beginning, you will want to make sure your work is saved when your battery dies.

Bonus Tip #2: Lower the graphics use. You can do this by changing the screen resolution and shutting off fancy graphic drivers. Graphics cards (video cards) use as much or more power today as hard disks - Thanks Andrew

Update 7/7/07: Bonus Tip #1 to give caution about turning off autosave, tip #8 to change information about discharging batteries - thanks to all who pointed it out. Added Bonus tip #2, Tip #1 to add in clause in regards to Mac OSX, Tip #1 about the spinning of hard drives - thanks to all who pointed it out

5 Essential laptop security tips  

Posted by Laptop Tips

Laptop theft is a huge problem. It is common nowadays to use a laptop to get work done away from your home or office. Unfortunately, the mobility and technology that make laptops so valuable also make them the target for theft around the world.

If your laptop is stolen, company information can be exposed, as well as your personal information can lead to identity theft. In this hack, we’ll show you 5 essential tips to learn how you can keep your laptop more secure.

Tip #1: Never leave any passwords in your laptop case. If you do keep your passwords with your laptop, it’s much like keeping the keys in your car. Remember that without your passwords, it will be more difficult to unlock your computer and access your personal information.

Tip #2: Laptop theft is a crime of opportunity. Always take your laptop with you, and always keep your eye on it. For instance, if you’re meeting someone, lock your laptop in the trunk and make sure it’s stored out of the sight. Further more, try not to leave your laptop in an accessible area, such as your hotel’s front desk. If you do have a safe or a security cable, use it.

Tip #3: Have sensitive data? Encrypt it. If someone gets your laptop and gains access to your files, encryption can give you an extra layer of protection. Programs such as TrueCrypt make the job very easy. Windows users can use Encrypted File System (EFS) to encrypt files and folders.

Tip #4: Password protect your systems. Every laptop user should protect their laptop with startup passwords. Set a BIOS password to lock the system before the operating system even starts. Windows users can set a password to start Windows. Remember that startup passwords will prohibit any access to the computer at all.

Make sure you choose a good password - make it a long one and complex. Only hard-to-guess passwords will prevent thieves from guessing your password. If your laptop supports biometric authentication, you should use your fingerprint in place of a password.

Tip #5: If the worse happens, and your laptop does get stolen, wouldn’t it be great if you could trace it? There are companies that offer tracking software, allowing the stolen laptop to send its location (for example, LaptopLock). Unfortunately, those programs work only when the stolen laptop connects to the Internet.

Use these 5 tips to keep your laptop more secure when you’re on the road and off the house or work.

Battery Tips  

Posted by Laptop Tips

1.What is a Battery?
In science and technology, a battery is a device that stores energy and makes it available in an electrical form. It converts chemical energy into electrical energy, producing an electric current when connected in a circuit. The finished battery is an electrically connected group of cells (wired in series) that stores an electrical charge and supplies a direct current (DC). We usually call finished battery as battery pack and unfinished battery is called as cell.

2.How to classify the battery?
Batteries are grouped into following categories:
Alkaline battery
Zincic carbolic battery
Lead-Acid battery
Lithium battery
Li-ion battery
Li-polymer battery
Fuel cells
Solar cells
Other types of battery

3.What are the differences between Primary Battery and rechargeable battery?
A primary battery is not intended to be recharged and is discarded when the battery has delivered all of its electrical energy.
A rechargeable battery is a galvanic battery which, after discharge, is restored to the fully charged state by the passage of an electrical current through the cell in the opposite direction to that of discharge.

4.What causes short lifetime of battery? How to prolong the lifetime of battery?
a.Charger or electro circuit can't be fit for the battery.
b.Overcharge and overdischarge, etc.
c.Battery can't comply with the charging requirement
a.Use the original charger.
b.Charge the battery after it automatically powers off , then full charge the battery.
c.Avoid erroneous usage of battery, such as heavy pressure, short circuit, fall off and so on.

5.Why can't the battery be charged? How to solve this problem?
a.The battery has no voltage.
b.There is problem with charger, as it has no output electric current.
c.Low charging efficiency due to external cause.
a.Test whether the charger has voltage and output electric current or not.
b.Check if the charger is well contacted with battery.
c.Activate the battery with voltage and current 1.5 time higher then the highest ones of battery. (Use this method only when the battery can't be charged.)

6.What's the reason that causes battery with no voltage or low voltage? How to avoid this problem?
a.No voltage.
b.External shot circuit or overcharge, anti-charge
c.Cells expansion and short circuit caused by direct anode contact and continuous high efficiency electric current overcharging.
a.Check if the battery is without voltage or electric current.
b.Avoid short circuit.
c.Avoid collision and pressure among batteries.
d.Charge the battery after it automatically powers off , then full charge the battery.

Easy to book  

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How do you pass your vacation? Are you just idle at home? I think, visiting some beautiful place is preferable. For example, one city of the other country like Barcelona etc.

It will makes your head refreshed after your activity. If you want to carry out a honeymoon or field trip I think you will need a hotel. And the hotel which you want is more than usual. Isn't it? You will need a comfortable hotel, satisfying service.

Just dont forget any place you visit, you should think about 'where you gonna sleep tonight' thing. Try to visit for this problem, is agency that will help you to choose the best hotels in Amasterdam, why you should try, because they not only help you about the 'hotels' thing but also give an discount up to 80%..!! when you booking a hotel via

And if you dont wanna visit Amsterdam, maybe you want to visit Barcelona, Prague, London, Dublin, New York or Rome, you still can depend on, because they also have this kind of service for thoose city.

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