Used Laptops - Be Careful With Your Purchase!  

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Used laptops come in two varieties: used and refurbished.

What Are Used Laptops?

Used laptops are those that have been used by a consumer for any length of time and then resold. Even if computers are only one day old, stores cannot sell them as new laptops, they become used laptops.

What Are Refurbished Laptops?

A refurbished laptop is a computer that has been used anywhere from 1 to 90 days, and then returned to the store or manufacturer who then resells it, or repairs and replaces any needed parts in order to sell it. Some of these refurbished computers may be just as good as new computers, but you can get them at a much lower price.

What To Look For When Buying Used:

1. Condition

The first thing that you should look at is the used computerĆ¢€™s condition. It has been recommended to stay away from laptops that are over 3 years old. The system will be outdated and may not be able to run some of the software and programs that are currently available. You may even want to stick to laptops that are less than 18 months old. Refurbished laptops do not have some of these concerns because they are newer and have been repaired and tuned up.

2. Features

The features offered on used laptops are the next important factor you should take under consideration. If you need speed, you need to keep in mind that used laptops run slower than desktops with the same processing systems. Do not buy used laptops with less than 128 MB of memory; it may not be able to run many of the applications and programs that are standard in todayĆ¢€™s computers. You can get used laptops that are powered by anywhere from 20 GB to 80 GB depending on your processing and computing needs. The screen size, definition, and resolution are other important issues in laptops. Make sure that the laptop you are looking at has the capabilities to do what you need it to do media and entertainment-wise.

3. Portability

Portability of laptops is also an important issue. Laptops are getting thinner and lighter every day. Does the laptop you are looking at weigh a lot? Make sure you add in the weight of the case and any other accessories you will be carrying.


When buying used laptops from a private seller or an acquaintance, be careful. Have the used laptops checked out thoroughly by a neutral party or professional. Every good bargain shopper knows that you can find deals by shopping for pre-owned items. Laptop computers are no exception. Educate yourself on your wants and needs and you will get what you want.


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