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People know that a great part of the templates existing are always the same for everybody and there are just a few things that can be changed and one of these things are the fonts.

As a person who loves fonts, finding sources of free fonts always perks up my ears. Hacking Ball Z is a huge spanish online community that has very popular sections…one of which is a new fonts section. Listen to this: They have over 31,000 “True Type Fonts” that are available for free download.

Dabbling in internet marketing and starting to create some websites has shown me that webmasters love fonts, too. Different fonts can give a website such a different tone and feel.

This is a spanish service, but don’t let that intimidate you. It’s easy to use for any web user. By the way…if you’re wondering…fuentes means fonts. HBZ has many different options available with their downloads, including a preview of the fonts with the ability to select the color of the preview. HBZ also offers a daily updated list of proxys.


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