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Purchasing a laptop computer is not an easy job to do because there are so many important things that should be considered before purchasing. Besides the common things that are shared by desktops such as type of CPU, MHZ of processor, size of RAM, size and type of hard disk, brand and support, there are also things like weight, battery life and connectivity.

You can easily transport your laptop from one location to another because of it’s portability. So make sure that a laptop is suited to your needs, as a desktop computer might be a better option.

Laptop technology is getting more sophisticated every day blurring the line between desktop and laptop in terms of performance. Some high quality laptops have several connectivity options such as wireless network cards (to connect to wireless networks), Centrino technology (internet connectivity almost anywhere) and much more.

Business laptops are generally light and ultra-portable and can be used in daily work, presentations and client liasing. These ultra-portable laptops are both expensive and may not have phenomenal performance but if your needs require maximum portability, this would be the best way to go.

Some laptops offer a storage space of 80 to 100 GIGS hard drives but you can increase the space with an external USB hard drive. Laptops generally need at least 256MB RAM to be able to run certain operating systems. Battery life is an important factor when buying a laptop. The last thing you want is to be in the middle of an important meeting and your laptop dying. The latest models offer 5 or more hours of use depending on what you use it for. Gaming and CPU intensive programs will deplete your battery in a lot less time.

When purchasing a laptop you should always make sure it will fulfill all your needs. If a laptop that fulfills your needs is too expensive then get a desktop. There’s no use buying a laptop that is just going to frustrate you in the end.


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