Acer Brings Out TimelineX With Sandy Bridge  

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Acer America today rolled out an update to its Timeline notebook series it calls the TimelineX, which packs Intel's Sandy Bridge family of CPUs. Available in three sizes – the 13.3-inch 3830T, 14-inch 4830T and 15.6-inch 5830T – the designs measure about an inch thick, making them decent PC portables, at least until the Ultrabooks arrive.

Acer says that its PowerSmart Technology provides extra long battery uptime of up to nine hours on models with integrated graphics and up to eight hours for models with discrete graphics, as well as a long battery lifecycle of up to four years.

The TimelineX also have High-Definition audio support with Dolby Home Theater v4 Audio as well as HDMI 1080p output, so customers can use a convenient single cable connection to deliver HD video and audio to an external source. In addition, the notebooks have a USB 3.0 port for fast transfers. Plus, the port can charge USB devices even when the notebook is turned off.

For discrete graphics, 16:9 1366x768 resolution screen is driven by integrated Nvidia GeForce GT 540M or Nvidia 520M graphics with Optimus technology. Additional models feature only the built-in Intel HD Graphics.

The Acer Aspire TimelineX 3830T thin and light notebook has a 13.1-inch display, weighs only 4.12 pounds and measures only 0.87-1.15 inches thin. It hits its dimensions, however, without and optical drive.

Both the Acer TimelineX 4830T (14-inch screen, 4.88 pounds) and Acer Aspire Timeline X 5830T (15.6-inch screen, 5.6 pounds) come with integrated DVD drives and feature a dedicated numeric keypad


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I love my new acer timeline laptop. It's actually very comparable to the apple laptops out there. I personally love the look more, not because I have one though.

How does it compare against the timelineU?

nice body and shape acer timeline x , with sandy bridge technology with more power, laptop bekas

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A great body and strength of a laptop that is very strong and can count on its performance in the past few years, I am very happy to use it and I would like to buy a used laptop this series

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