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Are you looking for a computer or maybe a laptop ? And then you want to buy a speakers, printer, keyboards and also the monitor too maybe?

It took me some time to get familiar with ShopWiki but the way that the site presented is very interesting. The site doesn’t seem like an online shop.

It looks more like a search engine for products. You get to search for a particular product, for example printers, computers, keyboards, speakers or laptops and you’ll be show a list of products with different prices and different online shop.

This is where ShopWiki helps a lot. Browsing on their Laptop and computers buying guide helps us to choose what is best and suitable for our budget. Their computer monitors buying guide gives me an idea where to shop and the price range of a good and latest monitor to replace the old one.

The site only has a simple layout. It does a good job in providing customers lot of option, suggestion and comparison. It makes it easier to search for what we want.

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